Saturday, August 26, 2017

2 Washington's Lookout, Rifle Camp Park, Woodland Park, NJ

Washington's Lookout looking generally Northeast
Midtown and Downtown NYC from Watchung Ridge
Skyline of Newark, NJ from Woodland Park, NJ
Closeup of two large buildings in Fort Lee, NJ
Skyline of Fort Lee, NJ from Rifle Camp Park
Rifle Camp Park looking at Clifton, NJ
Rifle Camp Park looking southeast
Rifle Camp Park looking generally Southeast
Rifle Camp Park looking east at downtown Manhattan
Rifle Camp Park looking east
Rifle Camp Park looking generally northeast
Newark from Rifle Camp Park
Deer at Rifle Camp Park
Deer showing no fear of humans
Rifle Camp Park Observatory
Wide panorama of the area from Rifle Camp Park
More narrow panorama from Rifle Camp Park

Washington’s Lookout at Great Notch, now Woodland Park, NJ (formerly West Paterson, NJ). In October 1780, the light infantry of the Continental Army was here as the British were in NYC. The east facing slope obviously afforded Washington an excellent view of any enemy movements. This location on the Watchung Ridge which extends from Mahwah down through Bound Brook served as a barrier to protect Washington and the Continental Army from the British Army.

Today Rifle Camp Park offers excellent hiking and picnic areas along with an observatory and unobstructed views of the skyline from Fort Lee, NJ down through Elizabeth, NJ. The midtown NYC, downtown NYC and Newark skylines are also visible on clear days.

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