Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Great Falls at Paterson, NJ in frozen splendor

Great Falls at Paterson, NJ

Passaic Falls at Paterson, NJ with hydroelectric plant

Closeup of frozen falls creating a tube of ice

Great Falls at Paterson, NJ frozen over

Statue of Alexander Hamilton at Great Falls

Alexander Hamilton overlooks the Passaic River

Closeup of Statue of Alexander Hamilton

Statue and pedestral of Alexander Hamilton
Pictures taken February 28th, 2015 showing the Great Falls (Passaic Falls) in Paterson, NJ in frozen splendor. After a long and very cold winter, the weather finally cleared and offered a relatively warm, but still sub freezing temperature revealing the Great Falls in a frozen state with water flow slowly carving tubes of ice from the top of the falls nearly all the way to the bottom creating the visual effect that the falls appear almost completely frozen over.