Saturday, May 6, 2017

Parsippany Water Tower from Parsippany Road overpass, Parsippany, NJ

Interstate 287, looking generally north from the Parsippany Road overpass including the Parsippany water tower that has become a regional landmark for many New Jerseyans.

Pictures taken April 9th, 2017 

Rockaway River, Boonton, NJ

The Rockaway River makes its way through Boonton on its way to Boonton Gorge (Grace Lord Park) and eventually to the Boonton (Jersey City) Reservoir.

Pictures taken April 9th, 2017

Boonton Station, Boonton, NJ

Now a restaurant, Boonton Station was built by the DL&W railroad in the 'prairie style' in 1904. Passenger trains served the growing commuter population. Freight trains delivered coal to heat homes and to power local mills.

Pictures taken April 9th, 2017

Old Iron Works, Whippany (Hanover Township), NJ

Whippany River

Site of the first known iron forge in Morris County. Operated by John Ford and John Budd on the banks of the Whippany River.

Pictures taken April 9th, 2017 

All Abord the Easter Bunny Express at the Whippany Railway Museum, Whippany, Hanover Township, NJ

The Whippany Railway Museum operates an annual Easter Bunny Express from the train station located near Route 10 in Whippany. The museum offers many historical engines from both the diesel and steam eras.

Pictures taken April 9th, 2017 

"Billy Yank" Replica Civil War Memorial, Hackettstown, NJ

Originally built closeby, "Billy Yank" -- not a particularly unique name for a Civil War Memorial Statute, was placed on Main Street at a cost of 30,000 pennies slowly collected by area school children. The statue stood unmolested for decades until eminent domain compelled the removal of the original statue. Instead of being moved, the statue was taken down and apparently sold for scrap.

Placed in 2001, this replica recreation pays tribute to the rank and file Union soldier colloquially referred to as "Billy Yank"

Pictures taken April 23rd, 2017

First Presbyterian Church and Main Street/Downtown Hackettstown, NJ


First Presbyterian Church

Corner of Church and Main (Rt 46) in Hackettstown

The First Presbyterian Church located at 298 Main St, Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Pictures taken April 23rd, 2017 

Edward W. Seay Administration Building, Centenary University, Hackettstown, NJ

 Edward W. Seay Administration Building, the main building on the campus of Centenary University in Hackettstown,  New Jersey

 Pictures taken April 23rd, 2017

Farm Fields in Great Meadows, Liberty Township, NJ

Farm fields owned by JDF Produce offering farm fresh food for northwestern NJ.

Pictures taken April 23rd, 2017