Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tallest Building in New Jersey? Goldman Sachs Tower, 30 Hudson St., Jersey City, NJ

Goldman Sachs Tower
Sadly it is often said that New Jersey, obviously North Jersey in particular, lies in the shadow of NYC. Being on a boat ride on the Hudson River, one can easily see that Jersey City warrants nary a glance from the throngs of tourists who are obviously pointing their cameras in the other direction. If I were to ask most people who reside in NJ what the tallest building in NJ was, most probably wouldn't know the answer. Nevertheless, sitting on Paulus Hook right at the mouth of the historic Morris Canal is the Goldman Sachs Tower.

Its 781' would make it the 20th tallest building in Manhattan (+/- depending on the pace of new construction).

The building was completed in 2004

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mount St. Francis Convent, Ringwood, NJ

 Many in NJ who pass by this spot actually confuse this home for Ringwood Manor itself, but its a completely separate thing. This property used to be the former convent, Mt. St. Francis Convent. The Victorian home on the premises, a 20 room Victorian built in 1861 was the summer home of Hewitt resident, Norvin Green (after whom the Norvin Green State forest in Bloomingdale is named)

Ringwood Manor, the march to Yorktown began there, Ringwood, NJ

 Early development in NJ focused on iron deposits and the local rivers which were used to float the iron products downstream to Paterson and Newark. The wealth derived from this activity was fairly extensive and Ringwood Manor typifies the amount of wealth that accumulated to those who were at the apex of the iron industry. Ringwood Manor is also significant historically because its also thought os as the starting point for the march to Yorktown. After all, if one wants to march to war during the American Revolution, makes sense to start at the forges were one can acquire some ammunition for the cannons. Scottish engineer Robert  Erskine was managed from 1771 to manage. During the Revolution he designed the cheval de frise for the Hudson River in 1776. He was instrumental in ensuring that the iron works continued to function and the manufacture of iron goods was vital to supplying the Continental Army. Erskine also oversaw the manufacture of the Hudson River Chain and also manufactured tools and hardware for the army generally.

Wanaque Reservoir, Ringwood, NJ

 Views of the Wanaque Reservoir from Ringwood, NJ

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Brookhollow Farms, Boonton Township, NJ

Brookhollow Farms and a tractor in Boonton Township

The fenced animals can traverse ramps but they won't jump to freedom!

An overview of the property in Boonton Township

Christmas Tree farm

Pumpkin Patch
Brookhollow Farms is a happy farm in Boonton Township, NJ, it offers young children the opportunity to interact with many farm animals including goats, cows, pigs, alpacas and rabbits. The farm also has other attractions like a tractor ride and a train ride and on my family's latest visit, a 'pick your own' pumpkin patch enjoyed by all.

Decker-Kincaid Homestead, Boonton Township, NJ

The Decker-Kincaid homestead was built in 1785 with an additional wing in place by 1837. The house features spoon-worked plaster walls and an enigmatic folk art face wall painting. Land preservationist Oscar Kinkaid lived on the property and the Kincaid family operated the farmstand from the 1920s through 2000.

Taylortown Reservoir, Kinnelon, NJ

Taylortown Reservoir is part of the Rockaway River watershed, formed by damming the Stony Brook, a tributary of the Rockaway River. It straddles Kinnelon and Montville, these pictures were taken in Kinnelon just off of Boonton Avenue

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Butternut Tree, Juglans Cineria, oldest and largest Butternut Tree in NJ, Kinnelon, NJ

The Butternut Tree, Juglans Cineria

Morris County Historic Commission Marker
Many people may wonder why the shopping plaza, Meadtown, acquired its name and if one lives in the region long enough, the answer is as simple as the Mead farm being located there. I had never seen this sign before and I wasn't out taking pictures, so I apologize for the cell phone picture here, but this picture is of the Butternut Tree in that location which apparently is the oldest and largest known Butternut Tree in the entire State of NJ. I'm not so much offering this picture to show off the tree, but to show off the fact that somebody is actually marking this because when I turned and noted the marker, it surprised me that there was any marker there at all!

Van Neste Park and Downtown Ridgewood, NJ

Downtown Ridgewood, NJ

Four Faced Rotary Clock in Ridgewood, NJ

Monument to Brigadier General Abraham Godwin

American Revolutionary veteran Abraham Godwin in Van Neste Park

Eagle perched atop veteran's statue in Van Neste Park

Ridgewood, NJ from Van Neste Square

View down East Ridgewood Avenue in downtown Ridgewood in early Fall
These pictures are of Van Neste Park and of downtown Ridgewood, NJ. As for Abraham Godwin, he's one of Ridgewood's favorite persons, he has an entire street named after him in the town and was a veteran of the American Revolution after which he led the NJ militia rising to the rank of Brigadier General.