Sunday, November 8, 2015

Gordon Lake, West Milford, NJ

Gordon Lake in West Milford, NJ

Pond in West Milford, NJ part of Norvin Green State Forest

Just off of Otterhole Road in West Milford, NJ as one crosses into West Milford from Bloomingdale

Cascading Falls in Norvin Green State Forest in Bloomingdale, NJ

Just off of Glenwild Road in Bloomingdale, NJ

Van Allen Home in Oakland, NJ

Van Allen Home

Red Oak tree planted April 17th, 1976 on New Jersey Day

The dilapidated stream house
Located at the corner of US 202 and Franklin Avenue in Oakland, NJ, the Van Allen Home was the location where George Washington stayed from July 14-15, 1777

Dey Mansion, Washington's HQ, Wayne, NJ

Front of the Dey Mansion

Side House
Side of the Dey Mansion

Great Seal of the State of New Jersey
The Dey Mansion, a well known historical HQ for George Washington in Wayne, NJ during renovations in November 2015. The home belonged to Colonel Theunis Dey, the Continental Army was encamped along Totowa Heights. Washington had his HQ there from 7/1 - 7/29 and from 10/9-11/27 in 1780

Canfield-Morgan House in Cedar Grove, NJ

The Canfield-Morgan house, currently the home of the Cedar Grove Historical Society is situated alongside Pompton Avenue (Route 23) in Cedar Grove, NJ

Putting the little in Little Falls, NJ beside the Passaic River

Little Falls by the Mill
Water Tower part of water treatment plant

Zooming in on the falls

The view downstream

General views from the Union Boulevard Bridge overlooking the Passaic River as it flows through Little Falls.