Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pompton Lake and Terhune Memorial Park in Wayne, NJ

Terhune Memorial Park

Pompton Lake

Swans on Pompton Lake

View from Terhune Memorial Park

Bridge connecting Wayne and Pompton Lakes, NJ

Ornate house in Pompton Lakes from Wayne, NJ

Views of Pompton Lake from Wayne, NJ

Wanaque Reservoir, low in Fall 2014

These pictures were taken in 2014 of the Wanaque Reservoir in Fall 2014 showing the reservoir at relatively low levels.

Monksville Dam and Reservoir, Ringwood, NJ

Monksville Dam

Wanaque Reservoir from Monksville Dam

Wanaque Reservoir from Monksville Dam

Monksville Reservoir in October 2014

Monksville Dam

Monksville Reservoir

Monksville Reservoir

Wanaque Reservoir and surrounding environs from Monksville Dam

Commemoration of the construction of the Monksville Dam
The Monksville Dam and Reservoir in Ringwood, NJ during Fall in October 2014. The dam, built in 1987, flooded the town of Monksville or Monks a small minor civil subdivision of West Milford that was demolished to make way for the reservoir. The village was the home of John Monks, son of Charles A. Monks of Passaic County, New Jersey

Friday, October 24, 2014

Views of Rockaway, NJ (Borough) in the Fall

Rockaway Presbyterian Church

Downtown Rockaway view of clock and old fading advertisement on East Main Street

Front of Rockaway Presbyterian Church

View of East Main Street

Downtown Rockaway, NJ

Civil War Memorial in Rockaway, NJ

Closeup of Civil War Memorial in Rockaway, NJ in Fall

Another picture of the Civil War Memorial in Rockaway, NJ
Rockaway, NJ (specifically the Borough as distinct from the Township) is in the heart of Morris County. In this post see the various views of Rockaway, NJ as seen in mid-fall in North Jersey. The pictures in this post are in various locations, for the location I chose the location for the Rockaway Presbyterian Church and the Civil War Memorial (on the same property).