Saturday, September 23, 2017

Bayne Park, Harding Township, NJ

Bayne Park, a popular spot for fishing in Harding Township, NJ

First Presbyterian Church of New Vernon, Harding Township, NJ

First Presbyterian Church of New Vernon, Harding Township, NJ. Originally built in 1833.

American Revolutionary War Marker, New Vernon, Harding Township, NJ

This marker, placed by the D-A-R, marks the route that the Continental Army took after the Battle of Princeton when they were returning to Morristown in January 1777.

Baneberries in the Great Swamp, Gillette, NJ (Long Hill Township)


A view of the Great Swamp

The Great Swamp in Long Hill Township, NJ
 The Great Swamp are the remains of what was an ice sheet, and then, after that melted, a glacial lake. In this location in Long Hill Township, I am focusing in on some baneberries which are quite poisonous.

Meyersville Circle in Long Hill Township, NJ

Meyersville Presbyterian Church

Long Hill Tavern in Meyersville/Gillette, NJ

Junction of Meyersville Road, New Vernon Road and Hickory Tavern Road.

Mount Vernon School, Chatham Township, NJ

Mount Vernon School, in the background Chatham Church of Christ
 Mount Vernon School (historically District 78) was built around 1860 and served as a 'one room' schoolhouse until 1928. It was then turned into Chatham Township Hall in 1959. School is at the intersection of Southern Boulevard, Fairmount Avenue and Buxton Road

Great Swamp, Chatham Township, NJ

Pond at the Great Swamp in Chatham Township, NJ
 Small pond at the Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center. This spot is very popular for bird watching.

Borough of Chatham Historic District, Chatham, NJ

Ogden Memorial Church in Chatham, NJ

Corner of Center Street and Main Street in Chatham, NJ

Corner of North and South Passaic Avenue with Main Street in Chatham, NJ
 Historic downtown Chatham, NJ (Chatham Borough). From August 27th - August 29th, 1781, this was Washington's Headquarters as he was preparing the Continental Army to march to Yorktown

Little Red Schoolhouse and Florham Park Center, Florham Park, NJ

Florham Park center with Little Red Schoolhouse in background

Florham Park, NJ center

Little Red Schoolhouse
 The "Little Red Schoolhouse" which was historically the "Columbia School District No. 5 Schoolhouse" when it was being used as a school, is located in Florham Park, NJ. The building was built in 1866. The building epitomizes the "one-room school." Its location at the historic crossroads of Columbia Turnpike and Ridgedale Avenue in Florham Park's center is, in no small part, why this building has become Florham Park's icon.. The building appears on the town's flag, letter head, website, public works and first responder vehicles. Interestingly when Columbia Turnpike was being expanded in the 1970s, the Little Red School House was moved back to accomodate the newly expanded road.

Montville Museum, Montville, NJ

The Montville Museum as it stands today. The 150 year anniversary sign respects Montville's separation from Pequannock. The original schoolhouse was built in 1833, the current building which has been used as a town hall, meeting place for the Methodist Church, headquarters for the local temperance movement and even a post office, was built in 1867.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Washington's Headquarters, Morristown, NJ

Ford Mansion, Washington's HQ in Morristown, NJ

Ford Mansion servant's quarters

Equestrian statue of George Washington

Rear of the Ford Mansion
 This location is so close to Interstate 287 that it is a highly recommended, get off-get on visit, it really couldn't be any easier. Located right of 287 in Morristown, NJ, Washington's Headquarters, which is really the Ford Mansion is an 18th century home built Jacob Ford, Jr. now part of the National Park System. The Georgian styled home is obviously best known for being George Washington's HQ from December 1779 to June 1780 during the American Revolution.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Suburban Deer in Parsippany, NJ

Suburban deer in the Glacier Hills section of Parsippany, NJ show me very little fear as I drive by. Its no secret that the deer population in North Jersey has grown dramatically over the years. It even seems that the deer get a sense of where they are safe from hunting. In this case the deer are very close to heavily trafficked Route 10 and Interstate 80.

Jason Aldean pays tribute to Troy Gentry at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ

PNC Bank Arts Center holds many events. I wonder what percentage of the residents of the State of New Jersey have been to this venue for one event or another. Between concerts and graduations, this venue is a touchpoint for New Jerseyans.

663 Main Avenue, Downtown, Passaic, NJ

633 Main Avenue from intersection of Gregory and Passaic Avenue
 As of September 2017, 633 Main Avenue, built in the Art-Deco style in 1931, is the tallest building in Passaic, NJ.

Cenotaph, Armory Park, Passaic, NJ

The Cenotaph in Armory Park, Passaic, NJ

Armory Park

Pershing and Marshall in Passaic, NJ on May 30th, 1924

The Cenotaph is a location which is draped in history. Placed in Armory Park, the Cenotaph was originally dedicated on May 30th, 1924, then 'Decoration Day' now 'Memorial Day' by General Pershing, then 'General of the Army' -- with him on that day was none other than George Marshall, then a lieutenant and Pershing's aide. Marshall of course would later lead the US military in the Second World War and would become Secretary of State under Truman. The civilian in the historical photo is Robert Benson, then on the Board of Education in Passaic.

The Cenotaph was originally a memorial to those who sacrificed all in the Great War, WW1, but is now a memorial for all conflicts.

May 30, 1924 at 10:30AM, a time when we can place two significant historical figures can be placed at a specific day and a specific time.

Armory Park is also very close to the spot where American troops, in retreat, crossed the Passaic. After crossing the Aquackanonk Bridge on November 21st, 1776, Washington ordered that the bridge be dismantled to delay the British.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Oldham Pond, North Haledon, NJ

Oldham Pond in North Haledon

Fishing is permitted on Oldham Pond

Oldham Pond is formed by a dam on the Molly Ann Brook

The pond empties back into the continuation of the brook

Geese patrol the waters of the pond
 Oldham Pond, North Haledon, NJ. Oldham Pond is a scientific field testing site for William Paterson University

Goffle Brook Park, Hawthorne, NJ

Arnold's Pond is formed by the Goffle Brook Dam

Goffle Brook exits the dam and makes its way to the Passaic River

Ducks enjoy Goffle Brook Park

Duck taking a nap

Ryerson Monument marking the spot of the burned down Ryerson House

American Revolutionary War site where Lafayette was encamped with the light infanty

 Goffle Brook Park, Goffle Brook Road in Hawthorne, NJ.