Sunday, October 5, 2014

Waterloo Village, Byram Township, NJ

Morris Canal

Active church congregation at Waterloo Village

Waterloo Lakes

Waterloo Lakes

Grist mill turning stone which would mill grain to flour

Morris Canal, dilapidated bridge

Waterfall over what was once the Morris Canal

Plaque comemorating Irish veterans of the American Revolution dedicated by Princess Grace of Monaco

Waterloo Village is a restored 19th century canal town in Byram Township, NJ in Sussex County. It was the approximate halfway point along the 102 mile Morris Canal (Phillipsburg to Jersey City, NJ).  Waterloo had the ability to service the needs of a canal operation: inn, general store,  church,  blacksmith shop  and a watermill. For people who worked on the canal itself, Waterloo’s status as the mid point would be a natural place to stop over on what was then a 2 day trip to travel the canal. Today it is currently a museum  in Allamuchy Mountain State Park.

To see all the pictures, click on the link to the photo album on Facebook: Waterloo Village Album

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