Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cenotaph, Armory Park, Passaic, NJ

The Cenotaph in Armory Park, Passaic, NJ

Armory Park

Pershing and Marshall in Passaic, NJ on May 30th, 1924

The Cenotaph is a location which is draped in history. Placed in Armory Park, the Cenotaph was originally dedicated on May 30th, 1924, then 'Decoration Day' now 'Memorial Day' by General Pershing, then 'General of the Army' -- with him on that day was none other than George Marshall, then a lieutenant and Pershing's aide. Marshall of course would later lead the US military in the Second World War and would become Secretary of State under Truman. The civilian in the historical photo is Robert Benson, then on the Board of Education in Passaic.

The Cenotaph was originally a memorial to those who sacrificed all in the Great War, WW1, but is now a memorial for all conflicts.

May 30, 1924 at 10:30AM, a time when we can place two significant historical figures can be placed at a specific day and a specific time.

Armory Park is also very close to the spot where American troops, in retreat, crossed the Passaic. After crossing the Aquackanonk Bridge on November 21st, 1776, Washington ordered that the bridge be dismantled to delay the British.

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