Saturday, September 23, 2017

Little Red Schoolhouse and Florham Park Center, Florham Park, NJ

Florham Park center with Little Red Schoolhouse in background

Florham Park, NJ center

Little Red Schoolhouse
 The "Little Red Schoolhouse" which was historically the "Columbia School District No. 5 Schoolhouse" when it was being used as a school, is located in Florham Park, NJ. The building was built in 1866. The building epitomizes the "one-room school." Its location at the historic crossroads of Columbia Turnpike and Ridgedale Avenue in Florham Park's center is, in no small part, why this building has become Florham Park's icon.. The building appears on the town's flag, letter head, website, public works and first responder vehicles. Interestingly when Columbia Turnpike was being expanded in the 1970s, the Little Red School House was moved back to accomodate the newly expanded road.

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