Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Federal Square, Pompton Lakes, NJ

View of Federal Square

Sign showing the location was the site of a headquarters for Washington during Revolution

A memorial to the Spanish American War, fairly rare in and of itself, this particular memorial has an actual piece of the USS Maine

Welcome to Pompton Lakes sign

Pompton Lakes Liberty Bell

Closeup of Liberty Bell showing where it was forged

USS Maine relic in Pompton Lakes

Piece of the USS Maine in New Jersey
At the confluence of Wanaque Avenue and the Hamburg Turnpike in Pompton Lakes, NJ lies the inaptly named Federal Square, inapt named because in reality it more closely resembled a triangle. Nevertheless this location is a memorial site constructed by Pompton Lakes precisely because of its provenance as a former headquarters for General Washington during the Revolutionary War. The site contains a cannon, Pompton Lakes' version of the Liberty Bell (uncracked) and a very unique memorial to the Spanish American War containing a relic to the USS Maine. To have an actual piece of the USS Maine is actually historically quite interesting.

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