Sunday, September 14, 2014

Replica Statue of Liberty, Butler, NJ

Many people in and around the area of Butler, NJ are familiar with Bartholdi Avenue but unless you reside in the area, a quick glance at the replica Statue of Liberty in downtown Butler, NJ can sometimes be dismissed as a cheap knock off of the original. Its definitely not as large of course. The statue itself was used as decoration on Liberty Island for purposes of rededicating the statue. Of course the town of Butler itself is named for Richard Butler who had a genuine friendship with Bartholdi (Bartholdi Avenue in Butler is named after him). In no small part the statue was funded by the countless efforts of school children who donated coins to the restoration. I am led to believe that the statue was given as a token of appreciation because the the Richard Butler Middle School not only had the historical connection between Butler/Bartholdi but also that particular school apparently raised enough money to help restore the Statue of Liberty which warranted the subsequent donation of one of the decorative statues to Butler, NJ.

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