Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tallest Building in New Jersey? Goldman Sachs Tower, 30 Hudson St., Jersey City, NJ

Goldman Sachs Tower
Sadly it is often said that New Jersey, obviously North Jersey in particular, lies in the shadow of NYC. Being on a boat ride on the Hudson River, one can easily see that Jersey City warrants nary a glance from the throngs of tourists who are obviously pointing their cameras in the other direction. If I were to ask most people who reside in NJ what the tallest building in NJ was, most probably wouldn't know the answer. Nevertheless, sitting on Paulus Hook right at the mouth of the historic Morris Canal is the Goldman Sachs Tower.

Its 781' would make it the 20th tallest building in Manhattan (+/- depending on the pace of new construction).

The building was completed in 2004

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