Sunday, September 28, 2014

Ringwood Manor, the march to Yorktown began there, Ringwood, NJ

 Early development in NJ focused on iron deposits and the local rivers which were used to float the iron products downstream to Paterson and Newark. The wealth derived from this activity was fairly extensive and Ringwood Manor typifies the amount of wealth that accumulated to those who were at the apex of the iron industry. Ringwood Manor is also significant historically because its also thought os as the starting point for the march to Yorktown. After all, if one wants to march to war during the American Revolution, makes sense to start at the forges were one can acquire some ammunition for the cannons. Scottish engineer Robert  Erskine was managed from 1771 to manage. During the Revolution he designed the cheval de frise for the Hudson River in 1776. He was instrumental in ensuring that the iron works continued to function and the manufacture of iron goods was vital to supplying the Continental Army. Erskine also oversaw the manufacture of the Hudson River Chain and also manufactured tools and hardware for the army generally.

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