Sunday, September 21, 2014

New Jersey's Tri-State Monument, NJ's Northernmost Point, Montague, NJ (Matamoros, PA/Port Jervis, NY)

Confluence of the Delaware and Neversink

In between I-84

A closeup of the actual memorial

The obligatory picture of standing in three states at once

Here are the pictures taken at the tri-state monument delineating the state line between NY, NJ and PA. It is NJ’s northernmost point, the ‘northwest corner’ - It is not a geographic extremity of either PA or NY. It lies, basically at the confluence of the Delaware River and the Neversink River in the shadow of I-84.

This spot holds the most interest for people who reside in NJ. Interestingly to access this point, the only real way to get there is to cross into NY, cross the Neversink River and go through the Laurel Grove Cemetery, park the car and walk to the monument.

If you try to reconcile this point with google maps, this point doesn't quite look to be the actual northernmost point, at that point, the true question is which source is more credible!?! Nevertheless, right or wrong, this monument is close enough.

As an asidem Interstate 84 does not actually touch New Jersey, it does not clip the state line one iota.

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